Bottled Water Coolers, Accessories & Equipment

Water Coolers, Water Cooler Accessories & Cups, and Water Bottle Storage Equipment

  • bottled water delivery service

    5 Gallon Water Coolers

    Our industrial grade, state-of-the-art water coolers are perfect for dispensing Le Bleu ultra pure, steam distilled water.

  • ceramic water crock

    Porcelain Crock

    Your Water Bottle Can Sit on Your Counter Top! Each crock comes with a faucet (sometimes called a spigot) and a plastic Protection Ring. The faucet includes two rubber washers and a nut for securing to your crock. The plastic Protection Ring sits on top …

  • Wood Water Crock Stand

    Wooden Water Crock Stand

    Frees Up Counter Space This stylish wooden crock stand is a wonderful alternative to having your crock taking up precious kitchen counter space while still enjoying Le Bleu ultra pure, steam distilled water!

  • 5 Gal Water Bottle Storage Rack

    5 Gal Water Bottle Rack

    Sturdy Storage for Your Water Bottles The metal bottled water storage rack gets your 5 gallon bottles off the floor and adds instant eye appeal and functionality. Similar in style to the rack shown left in white. Available in 3 and 6 bottle styles.

  • Safewatersystem

    Crock Water Safe

    Safeguards from Water Contamination The water safe snaps into the top of your crock and keeps the neck of the bottle from being submerged in the water in your crock, keeping your water free from contamination.

  • 5 Gal Water Bottle Stacker

    5 Gal Water Bottle Stacker

    Cost Effective Way to Stack 2 Water Bottles The bottle stacker fits on the top of your 5 gallon water bottle allowing you to stack another bottle on top. A great way to free up some space!

  • Water Cooler 7 oz Plastic Cups

    7 oz Plastic Cups

    Convenience at Your Cooler Have visitors and staff? Plastic cups offer them pure Le Bleu water at your cooler. Cup dispensers are available, too, at no charge.

  • Paper Cone Cups Water Cooler Cups

    Paper Cone Cups

    Like paper better than plastic? These paper cone cups for water coolers are right for you. And you can’t set a cone cup down unless it’s empty!