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Where can you get bottled water delivery and Hague Quality Water Softening and Reverse Osmosis Systems in Virginia and North Carolina?

Coastal Carolina Water, serving Hampton Roads, VA and the NC counties of Currituck, Camden, Dare, Hyde and Tyrrell, is a proud distributor of Le Bleu water, the highest quality distilled ultra pure bottled water on the market today. Le Bleu water is available in 5-Gallon bottles and various sizes of bottles by the case, and we can conveniently deliver pure refreshment to your home or office… DISTILLED PURE.

Coastal Carolina Water is also a distributor of Hague Quality Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis Systems for homes and offices. To install a Hague system, call Coastal Carolina Water today to schedule an appointment to assess your water needs and to recommend the proper equipment for your home or office.

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Four Reasons to Get Le Bleu DISTILLED PURE Water.


1Le Bleu Bottled Water is recommended by doctors and nutritionists all over the world for its purity.


2Le Bleu’s patent pending distillation process removes all chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, inorganic minerals and organic materials from its water, providing you pure H2O.

It’s Quality

3Our bottled water is produced and distributed under rigorous quality control procedures and strict Federal and State Regulations. The FDA, NCDA and US Army regulate and inspect our product and facilities on a regular basis.

It’s the BEST

4Our water was recently voted the “BEST Non-Alchoholic beverage in the Western Hemisphere” at the International Food and Beverage Trade Show in Miami.

Why Install Hague Quality Water Softeners or Reverse Osmosis Systems?

PERFECT WATER for the Earth, Your Home & YOU

1Hague provides the highest quality water from the most reliable and efficient water treatment system on the domestic market. Since 1960, Hague Quality Water International has been the leader of innovative water treatment technology.

American Family History

2Hague Quality Water International is an American company. Hague is the oldest major water treatment manufacturer, under continuous family ownership and operated by the Hague family since 1960. Hague manufactures its products in the United States with worldwide distribution.



The Hague WaterMax® holds 9 U.S. patents. With its innovative multi-compartment compact tank design, it is far ahead of the conventional softener design, which has been in place for 25 years and is used by virtually every other water softener manufacturer.


4Hague manufactures its water softeners using ecologically efficient, state-of-the-art technology. Hague water softeners use electronic injection molding, laser welding, advanced robotics, and the best raw materials available.

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We invite you to compare Le Bleu's taste and purity with any other bottled water and YOU make the choice! And when it comes to Water Softening and Reverse Osmosis Systems, Hague is your choice for the best products on the market.